Project "Polutona"Project "Polutona"
Network Literature

The original idea for this exhibition, as well as its coordination and collection of work was conducted by Pavel Nastin

Selection and scanning of the works was conducted by Eugeny Palamarchuk, curator from the National Center of Contemporary Art, Kaliningrad Branch

WWW: George Zherdev

Support materials for the exhibition include:

Cities where the exhibition will be shown and the regional curators:

  • Chicago - Rafael Levchin
  • Cleveland - Bob Grumman,
    Wendy Collin Sorin,
    John Byrum
  • Dnepropetrovsk - Maxim Borodin, Jaroslav Dmitrenko
  • Kaliningrad - Evgeny Palamarchuk, Pavel Nastin
  • Kiev - Artiom Borodin
  • Minsk - Anastasija Kiseleva, Julia Shabunja
  • Moscow - Andrej Novikov
  • Penza - Anna Razuvaeva & Mikhail Razuvaev
  • Rjazan - Alexander Titov
  • Saratov - Alexey Alexandrov
  • Smolensk - Edward Kulemin
  • St. Petersburg - Eter counte de'Panji
  • Warsaw - Mikhail Janchuk

Russian version

Visual poetry exhibition
Network project

Chicago (USA), Cleveland (USA), Dnepropetrovsk (Ukraine), Kaliningrad (Russia), Kiev (Ukraine), Minsk (Byelorussia), Moscow (Russia), Penza (Russia), Rjazan (Russia), Saratov (Russia), Smolensk (Russia), St. Petersburg (Russia), Warsaw (Poland)

PLATFORM: Visual Poetry Exhibition represents the phenomenon of visual poetry with works by recognized poets and by emerging young poets. Because visual poetry is not widely distributed in Russia, people in Russia do not know the work of the Russian visual poets. We want to return their poems to Russia, both in traditional and in digital forms. In addition to its importance to the people of Russia, this exhibition will be interesting for foreign artists, writers, and students of Slavic Languages.

This project combines the technology of networking culture with ideas of a virtual "moving exhibition", even as the concept of "original" is disappearing and being replaced by digital copy.

Poets participating in the "Platform" exhibition:

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