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Anna Alchuk
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Mikhail Baru
Sergej Birjukov
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Olga Dmitrieva
Juri Gik
Vladimir Khodukin
Boris Konstriktor
Sergey Korkin
Edward Kulemin
Raphael Levchin
Igor Loshilov
Irina Maximova
Pavel Nastin
Alexander Ocheretjansky
Leonid Osseny
Evgeny Palamarchuk
Eter counte de'Panji
Jury Proskuryakov
Anna Razuvaeva & Mikhail Razuvaev
Andrey Sen-Senkov
Leo Shprints
Andrej Tozik
Lidia Yusupova
Dmitry Zimin



Raphael Levchin

Russian version

Rafael Levchin was born on the Crimean peninsula in 1946, studied in St. Petersburg and in Moscow (Literary Institute). From 1970 to 1991 lived in Kiev, since 1991 lives in Chicago. Levchin has been in the underground: from 1976 to 1982 as one of the "postfuturists" (renamed "metarealists" after the group's demise); Chen-Dzu, 1963-1988; 39. 9 o C, 1984-1987; Glossollalia, 1985-1991, etc. Worked as a chemical engineer, archeologist, model, custodian, graphic designer, lecturer, stage worker, actor, literary consultant, editor. Writes poetry, prose, plays, scripts, essays; translates from the Ukrainian, Polish, Slovak, German, English, Eritrean. Works published in Anthlogy of the Russian Vers Libre, Anthology of Unusual Stories, Time Ch, in magazines and almanacs: Znanie-Sila, Literary Atelier, New Circle, Fantakrim-MEGA, Mnogotochie, Oykumena, Chernovik, Stethoscope, Soty, Kommentarii, etc., as well as in the Internet. Participated in various international projects: AGASFER (Moscow 1991), WORD THEATRE (Kaliningrad, 1995), EYERHYMES (Edmonton 1997), GEzEllE (Bruges, 1999). Favors also the visual arts: ceramics, collage, graphics, visual poetry, and book-art. Works in private collections in Moscow, Kiev, Krakow, Kaliningrad, Bruges, Chicago, Miami, Mexico. Books of poetry, designed by the author: VODAogon' (St. Petersburg, 1996), LUDUS DANIELIS (Moscow, 2003; a second version designed by V. Sulyagin). Levchin is also the publisher, editor-in-chief and art director of the multilingual samizdat-magazine REFLECT... КУАДУСЕШЩТ, produced on the computer and xerox. A collaborator of a small theatre of universal importance THEATER CLUB (now NEOMYTHOLOGICAL THEATRE). Works at the Russian Press Service.