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Igor Loshchilov

Russian version

Igorí Eugenjevich Loshchilov was born on January, 13, 1965 in the city of Novosibirsk. In 1987 has ended a full rate of philological faculty of Novosibirsk state pedagogical institute, since 1988 worked in the same place on faculty of the Russian literature. In 1995 has ended correspondence postgraduate study at Institute of Philology of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science on a speciality "10.01.01 - the Russian literature" without representation of the text of the dissertation. In 1996 has received grant CIMO for work above the dissertation within the framework of the project of the Finnish Academy "The modernism / postmodernism in the Russian literature and culture". The monography was published in December, 1997 in Helsinki "Nikolay Zabolotsky's Phenomenon" which has been protected at Humanitarian faculty of University the cities of Joensuu (Finland). As a result of protection was scientific degree Doctor of Philosophy in Russian with an estimation "magna cum laude approbatur" is appropriated. After returning to Novosibirsk works as the senior lecturer of faculty of Russian literature NGPU. In 1998 due to the grant of institute "Open society" Soros's Fund has taken part in work of the conference devoted to 50-years anniversary AAASS (of Side Raton, Florida, the USA). In 1999 became the participant of festival "Cultural hero of a 21-century" (Moscow). In August, 2000 has taken part in VI Congress of the International Advice on Studying the countries of Russia and the East Europe (ICCEES) in city Tampere (Finland). The participant of scientific conferences in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Astrakhan, Kemerovo, Irkutsk, Abo, Helsinki and Joensuu, Beograd, Groningen, Smolensk. The author of two poetic collections - "Tent" ("Schalasch") (Novosibirsk, RITS "Dawn", 1995) and "Tsar in a head" (Novosibirsk, RITS "Dawn", 1995), and two books of prose - "Thoughtful" (Novosibirsk, "Nezhelatelnye Ljudi", 2000) and "General Shlipovka" (Novosibirsk, "Artel Naprasnyj Trud", 2001). Publications in "Draft copy", "Kreschatik", "Futurume" both other magazines and almanacs. The owner of the Mark of a name of Father of Russian futurism of David Burljuka (1998), annually awarded international Academy Zaumi (AZ).


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About a Certain Person