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Leonid Osseny

Russian version

Leonid Osseny was born in Nizhny Tagil, Russia, in 1948. Osseny started his studies in The Ural College of Applied Arts which he graduated in 1968. From 1968 to 1970 he served a tour in the Soviet Army and was deployed in East Germany before enrolling in the Belorussian State Theater and Art Institute in Minsk in 1972. His university specialty was in interior design and also involved close study of art history, painting, and composition.

After graduating in 1977 he worked as an architect and restorer at the Belarusian Institute of Conservation. Leonid's work included renovating numerous historical monuments of Belorussian architecture such as the Radziwill castle in Township Mir, The Folk Art Museum in Vetka, and The Troetskae Predmest-e (The Trinity Suburb). He also initiated an attempt to revive a traditional form of folk puppet theater called Batleika. In 1991 Leonid moved to Chicago with his family where he continued to work as an architect and has also pursued his interests in painting, computer graphics, and art restoration. The wide range of his experience influences the scope of his present ideas as a painter. His work varies from the cityscapes of Chicago to the elaborate illustrations for James Joyce-s Ulysses. In addition, Osseny has recently completed decorations and stage design for several theater plays performed in Boston by Basement on the Hill Stage Company. Osseny-s versatile output has also extended to the field of poetry. During the past two years he has published a number of experimental poems in Russian-language periodicals.

For many years he has been involved in art education for children and adults. He still leads weekly classes at his Chicago arts studio. Osseny-s students have gained renown for their prize-winning entries at state and national contests.

Leonid Osseny has exhibited widely in Russia and in the United States. Many of his works can be found in private collections in Russia, United States, Israel, Germany, and Belarus.

On "Bloomsday", June 16, 2004 his illustrations for "Ulysses" James Joyce was exhibitited on the 19th International James Joyce Symposium at The National College of Ireland, in Dublin.