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Anna Alchuk
Maria Baranova
Mikhail Baru
Sergej Birjukov
Maxim Borodin
Dmitry Bulatov
Olga Dmitrieva
Juri Gik
Vladimir Khodukin
Boris Konstriktor
Sergey Korkin
Edward Kulemin
Raphael Levchin
Igor Loshilov
Irina Maximova
Pavel Nastin
Alexander Ocheretjansky
Leonid Osseny
Evgeny Palamarchuk
Eter counte de'Panji
Jury Proskuryakov
Anna Razuvaeva & Mikhail Razuvaev
Andrey Sen-Senkov
Leo Shprints
Andrej Tozik
Lidia Yusupova
Dmitry Zimin



Jury Proskuryakov

Russian version

Was born 27.11.46, Voroshilovgrad, Ukraine. The half of his life lived in Saratov. Received superior humanitarian (the teacher of english and literatures), psychological, engineering, financial build-up. Is the producer of the new technology of dynamic drafting and the integration of plans in the field culture and business activity (Magestetika). Develops modern ideas in the field of poetry and literature (manifestoes and examinations of "Kassandrion"). Aside from literary (versus, prose, essay) steers exploratory and volunteer work (participation in the editorial staff of literary magazines "Futurum-ART" [Moscow, Russia], "Dety Ra" [Moscow, Russia], "Soty" [Kiev], Kreshchatik [Cologne, Germany], the representative of literary magazine "Reflect..." [Chicago, USA].

The list of authors translated into the russian language: with Czech: Milosh Matsourek (Tales); Vladimir Holan (poetry); Indrzhikh Uger (poetry); Kemil Bednarsh (prose); with Slovak: Yan Buzashshi (poetry); Pavel Koish (poetry); Miroslav Valek (poetry); with Polish: Mariya Konopniska (poetry); with English: Beverli Kollinz (poetry); William Shakespear (sonets); Ezra Paund (poetry); Dilan Tomas (poetry); Bezil Banting (poetry); D. G. Rossetti (sonets); with Lithuanian: One Baliukonite (poetry); with Tatar: Kaidyr Sibgatullin (poetry); with Vietnamese: team from 7 authors (poetry).


  • book "Overlay or how to survive in challenging times" (as to questions culture logical, methodologies and the practical workers of networked marketing in Russia);
  • papers in the field literary hermeneutics and structural literary studies;
  • The development of challenges speech, literary, musical and pictorial cryptography;
  • Examinations in the field the alternative philosophy of mathematics;
  • Participation in XX Symposium as to semiotics in USSR "The composition of text" (1981 ã.);
  • Participation in The first international conference as to culture in USSR (SPb);
  • The publications of structurally-organizational plans, of concepts and manifestoes;
  • The publications of poetry, of prose, of literary and linguistic goings in the different agents of bulky bulkload information (almanacs, logs etc): "Raduga" (Riga); "Chrnovik" (USA); "Reflekt..." (USA); "Stetoskop" (Paris); "Commentary" (Moscow); "Knizny Portfel" (Moscow); "Kreshchatik" (Germany), "Soty" (Kiev); "Juriev Den" (Kiev); "Futurum ĀRT" (Moscow); "Deribasovskaya-Reshilevskaya" (Odessa); "Volga" (Saratov); in the electronic agents of bulky bulkload information; In the book of "STRUKTURĀ text 88" (Moscow); In the book "Anthology Russian Free Versus", in the book "Easily to be Sincerely (as to the touches of IX Moscow Festival of Free Versus); In book "The very payable occupation" (as to the touches of X Moscow Festival of Free Versus); and other publications.

References: "Kulttuurivihkot" (Finland) 3, 1987; The magazin "Cult of personality, March-April 2000, book M. Epshteina "The paradoxes of culture", M., 1988 and etc., Politics and culture in Russian provincial, M-SPb., 2001.